Equine Custom Supply

Unique and custom solutions for the equestrian side of life.

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Custom Designs

Designs and products created from actual needs and desires found working around the stable and showing. We don't have something that would make your life easier, or stand out in a crowd? Reach out and we may be able to surprise you.


Function and Fun

Have an individualized take on your tack and make your stall, trailer, or stable stand out from the rest. Nothing is better than the heartwarming feeling of seeing your horse's name on the bridle holder that matches your favorite saddle pad.


Personalized Experience

Nearly every item can be personalized, whether it be your, your horse's, or stable name and logo to have a unique touch, or something else. If your idea isn't an option in the Etsy Store, that doesn't mean we can't make what you are looking for.

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A Few Designs

A touch of unique for the four legged family members, not just you.
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